We are all in this together...

We want to make it easier...

We at Niagara County Entertainment want to do our part as a community event calendar.

As you all know the NYS Govenor and public health officials have taken community actions designed to reduce exposures to COVID-19, keep people healthy, and slow the spread of the virus. As difficult as it seems it's really about not overwhelming the hospitals with everyone getting sick at the same time. Some venues have modified portions of their experences to an online format while others will require wearing a mask to enter their facility. Large crowd gatherings are still prohibited at this point and capacity monitoring is in place for several attractions and establishments.


We want to support as many local artists, musicians, performers, venues and businesses as we can.

  • As a venue you are in a unique position to HELP YOUR COMMUNITY stay connected with safe entertainment options.
  • As a seeker of entertainment you are in a unique position to HELP YOUR COMMUNITY, by sharing the content on this webiste to spread the word with your friends about the cool things you found here.

Keep Niagara County Entertainment up to date - Are you doing classes remotely with Zoom or Facebook live? Are your events rescheduled for a later date? Are you providing online content? Let us know.

We have changed our posting rules permanently to include online events. Let us know about your live music streams, art tutorials, online classes, your locally made movies, TV shows, webinars, and concerts. PLEASE USE THE SUBMIT BUTTON... we want to put it all on our website and social media channels. Including ways to volunteer and donate to our most vulnerable groups.

When you post these type of events this website supports up to 4 website links per event (Your website, Facebook, Youtube, etc). Where ever your content is, we can link to it. These notifications collected together will help lessen the anxiety and uncertainty that some people are feeling by connecting through technology.

Not everyone has social media but almost everyone is connected to the internet in one form or another making this website a great centralized community notification system that anyone can post to.

Remember, this is only temporary, and we'll all get back to having fun and getting together soon.

Here at Niagara County Entertainment, we wish you and your families all the best and hope you are staying healthy and connected during this situation. Please contact us if you have any questions about changes to our website.

As things change, when traditional events return, LET US KNOW early and often. We thank you in advance for keeping Niagara County in the loop.

Please treat yourself well during this difficult time. There are numerous resources out there for online learning, online art, online music and more...we hope you can find a way to stay connected, safe and healthy.