Below is a list of the advertising options for this website. Fill out the form below about what option best fits your need and we'll go from there. If interested, we will send you a PayPal invoice and your ad will appear after payment is received.

FOR LOCAL BUSINESSES: These ads appear on the right hand side of the page and display on every page viewed (except venue & tag pages). Ads are billed monthly (except where noted) with a discount for an annual purchase.

Desktop and Tablet 

  • 100h x 300w (horizontal) - $25
  • 300h x 150w (vertical) - $30
  • 175h x 300w (business card) - $40


  • 50h x 300w (horizontal) - $75 (there is only one of these spots available)

FOR VENUES: These are full pages that list all your posted events on the left and all of your venue's contact information on the right (as submitted by you). These pages are accessable from the drop down (Venues & Tags) or from clicking a venue from inside an event. This option allows visitors to subscribe to your page (with an RSS feed) to recieve event updates as they are posted.

  • Venue Page: Includes venue name, description of your facility, venue city, posted events, website link, e-mail link, Google map to your location, Facebook link, phone number, image/logo and RSS feeds allowing visitors to subscribe to your page to be notified when you add events - $10
  • Enhanced Venue Page: Includes all the above plus - log-in access to your page, entering and editing of events, edit image and description as you see fit. As well as an iFrame that places our calendar on your website. That version of the calendar will only show events specific to your venue. This is extremely helpful because you can upload events directly to your website without visiting our website. - $40

(if you are a registered non-profit venue or organization and interested in a venue page or enhanced venue page, contact us.)

FOR PROMOTERS: These spaces appear below the categories and above the event list on the home page.

  • Featured Event: These spaces are an extra place to post your event flyer (home page only). 3 of these spaces are visible at the same time. if more than 3 are submitted for a given time period they will scroll to include all. When clicked they will take the visitor to that event description (portrait is the best orientation). $1 per day
  • Tag Page: This option is for events that take place at several locations. Clicking on an active tag in the event listings will produce a list with all events related to that larger event - $10

CREATIVE SERVICES: We are here to help. If you need any of the above images created for you or resized to fit our standard spaces. We also have the following options available.

  • Ad Creation: Designed to fit the space you purchased and available to use as you see fit for all your advertising needs. - $25
  • Poster Creation: 8.5" x 11" Available to use as you see fit for all your promotional needs. - $50
  • Logo Creation: Available to use as you see fit for all your promotional needs. - $100
  • Animated Posters: Price determined after your vision is discussed.
  • Animated Logos: Price determined after your vision is discussed.