Niagara County Entertainment, LLC is exactly what the name suggests, a free public service website specifically designed to promote events, venues and local talent. Informing visitors about the large variety of entertainment options in Niagara County, New York. You only need to view our calendar or search for your interests to find something to do, it's all here. We've got the FUN, if you've got the TIME.

This new platform showcases Niagara County, New York as never before. Our only limitations are the boundaries of the county. Step inside and be amazed. We intend to serve the needs of the entertainment seeking public to provide them with the most current set of experiences available in Niagara County.

If you are a curious local, a regional explorer, a domestic traveler or an international visitor. You're in the right place - Welcome to Niagara County.

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My name is Michael Weber and I enjoy Niagara County - it's rich history, the great people, the changing seasons and of course, the incredible events. Since April of 1990 I have encouraged and participated in the promotion and creation of several events and our local talent often having a backstage view. From that insider experience and education came this project. I do this because I want to share all of these fantastic things with everyone.

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